Bridging The Gap

The “Gap” is that scary place…

…between a facility…. and walking in the door of your first A.A. Meeting.

Many in recovery can talk about the long journey from the parking lot into the door of their first A.A. meeting. Full of emotion, you don’t know anyone….it’s a lonely scary moment.

Luckily, we can bridge that long walk for the newcomer, ease their anxiety and fear, through a Temporary Contact role, designed by A.A. It’s called “Bridging the Gap”.

What is Expected of Volunteers

  • Volunteers of “Bridging the Gap” are there to help the newcomer by:
  • Meeting them at their first meeting
  • Introducing them to people in the room
  • Helping them get phone numbers
  • Helping them understand the importance of Sponsorship
  • Talking to them about the importance of a home group

Just Six meetings …

That is the goal of this service.

Volunteers are asked to help them jump the Gap of fear and get comfortable with attending at least six A.A. meetings.

Sign Up Form

To participate in this very important service work, it is suggested that you have at least one year of continuous sobriety in the A.A. program.

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Please reach out to the Area 45 Committee with any questions or to learn more: