F-Troop in Cinnaminson

What is the name of your group?

F-Troop in Cinnaminson

When did your group start?

Sept. 1992

Who were the founders of the group?

Suellen C. & Steve

What is the reason the group was started?

It started as a young people’s speaker meeting, as something to do on a Saturday night for singles.

What is the frequency of the group?

Every Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

What type of Meeting is it?


Where did the group first meet?

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church – Marsh Hall

Current Location?


Any special problems ever occur, such as places, format of meet, Mr. & Mrs. AA trying to run the show, etc.

As stated above the group was started for young people by 40 year olds in A.A. Unfortunately, it was never strongly attended by young AA’s. So the name was eventually changed from F-Troop-Young People to F-Troop.