Monday Night Lifeline

What is the name of your group?

Monday Night Lifeline

When did your group start?


Who were the founders of the group?

Jack K.

What is the reason the group was started?

The meeting was a club meeting at the 400 Club on Ritchie Ave, Collingswood. The meeting moved with the 400 Club to the Wt. Horse Pike in Oaklyn and to the Teamsters’ Hall at the Collingswood Circle. When the 400 Club left the Teamsters’ Hall, our group conscience had a vote to determine whether to stay at the Teamsters’ Hall and become part of the Camalon Club or to move with the 400 Club to Clementon. The vote to stay at the Teamster’s Hall won by one vote.

At that time, the meeting was attended mostly by newcomers and was struggling. Around 1991, Jack K. (“Machinegun Jack” presently known as “Gentleman Jack”) helped to re-organize the meeting and the meeting became stronger.

When the Camalon Club closed its doors, this meeting was one of the few club meetings to survive by finding a new location.

This meeting has always attracted musicians & artists.

What is the frequency of the group?

Weekly (Monday)

What type of Meeting is it?

Step & Tradition

Where did the group first meet?

400 Club, 400 Ritchie Ave, Collingswood, N.J.

Current Location?

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 710 Collings Ave, Collingswood, NJ

Any special problems ever occur, such as places, format of meet, Mr. & Mrs. AA trying to run the show, etc.