Women’s Spiritual Growth (WSG) Group

The following was taken from minutes from the first three meetings of Women’s Spiritual Growth (WSG) Group
(Led by “As Bill Sees It”)

Lois P. and Sue D., as outgrowth of attending a Matt Talbot Retreat June 4-6, 1982 held in Blackwood, NJ at Pius X House, suggested a Women’s meeting in Medford. Others were enthusiastic.

First meeting held at Lois P’s house on Tuesday, June 8, 1982 at 8:30 PM. Ten women were present and they were the following: Lois P, Sue D, Barbara C, Kay B, Mary C, Marge P, Ronnie M, Natalie R, Anne B and Christine K.

It was group conscience that the future meetings would be held every Tuesday at 8 PM at Cathedral in the Woods on Stokes Rd. in Medford Lakes. The meetings will last one hour, will start with “The Preamble” then consist of discussion based on readings from “As Bill Sees It” and end with a moment of silence and the Lords Prayer or Serenity Prayer.

Mary C and Ann A offered to set up the coffee for a time
Lois P was elected chairperson
Barbara C was elected treasurer
Kay B was elected secretary

The term of office is to be three months with an option to continue for three more months.

Bill F has been of great help in his suggestions of how to proceed in registering the Women’s Spiritual Growth Group with General Service Board of AA in New York. He has also confirmed with Dr. Say of the Cathedral of the Woods that we can have one of their rooms on Tuesday night. Lois has followed up on this. We will pay the rent [to] Dr. Say according to our means (the AA group money). We will also pay the Red Lion Group a small amount per year for the sharing of the mail box – PO # 163, Vincentown, NJ 08088.

Our Group Service number is D-31-00617.

Second meeting Tuesday, June 15th. Those present were a total of 18 namely: Lois, Barbara C, Kay B, Mary C, Marge P, Ronnie M, Anne B, Christine K, Janet, Susan D, Dot, Barb F, Judy L, Debbie, Helene, Betty, JoAnne & Joany. Helene chaired the meeting.

Subject considered: Forgiveness selections in “As Bill Sees It” pages 52, 89 & 151.

Bill sent an arrangement of flowers to the WSG Group as a token of his good wishes. Card of thanks was sent to Bill.

Third meeting of WSG Group – 14 in attendance. Judy G, who was in on the original day of planning the group at the retreat, joined the following: Lois, Barbara C, Kay B, Mary C, Ronnie M, Anne B, Christine K, Dot, Barb F, Judy L, Debbie, Betty and Janet

Judy G chaired the meeting.

Subject from “As Bill Sees It” was Spiritual Awakening pages 2, 8 & 85 discussed.